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about us – the Hassler Made GmbH

Jürgen Haßler, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, learned dramaturgical thinking, the art of staging and the development of spacial worlds at several international opera houses.

Equipped with this knowledge, Jürgen Haßler founded Hassler Made GmbH in 1984 aiming to create unique and highly emotionally charged places in the fields of architecture, media and events. „Moonshot Thinking”, making the impossible possible, is what drives Jürgen Haßler and his team.

True to the motto “perform the extra mile”, Hassler Made GmbH has developed numerous innovations in the fields of light, media and kinetics over the past decades to make experiential spaces even more unique and inspiring.

Currently, Hassler Made GmbH is creating the future space “Multi Channel Space”, which is defined by the fusion of digital and actual space and is characterised by sustainable thinking and action.

Hassler Made – Nationaltheater Mannheim Interim#2


Hassler Made GmbH thinks and works in an interdisciplinary way and has been active in the fields of architecture, media, events and scenography since its foundation.

In architecture, Hassler Made GmbH focuses on the psychological, communicative and emotional effect of buildings and their interior design, in addition to the classic requirements of work phases 1 to 4.

The aim of Hassler Made GmbH’s architectural developments is to equip the functionality of buildings with a high degree of emotionality and a communicative as well as functional quality of stay.


interim venue for the Nationaltheater Mannheim

For the conversion and expansion of the “Old Cinema on Franklin” into an interim venue for the Nationaltheater Mannheim, the focus is not only on the technical and logistical requirements of theatre operations, but also on embedding the building in the historical context of the former US military site “Benjamin Franklin Village”. As a cultural highlight, the future venue of the Mannheim National Theatre will take on a lighthouse function in the development of the new Franklin district, where many thousands of people will find their new home.

In this architectural project, Hassler Made GmbH was able to make ideal use of its experience in architecture, design, theatre, lighting and media technology to develop a meaningful, creative and technically functional communication venue for the city of Mannheim.

Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#2

media architecture

The use of media technology as a means of communication and design has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#3

Hassler Made GmbH has made a significant contribution to the development and realisation of

  • the world’s first 3D video facade at the Stadioncenter in Vienna
  • the first video-playable set design at the “Goldene Kamera” award show in Berlin
  • LED boards for use in sports stadiums (together with AIM Sport AG)

pioneering work in the use and market positioning of media technology.

For their project development, Hassler Made GmbH relies on this wealth of experience, acquired and tested over many years, resulting in unique, creative and convincing media concepts for architecture and events.

Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#6
Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#7
Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#5

Hotel EAST, Hamburg

The use of media technology in architecture, spacial design or temporary events is a fascinating tool to design and create worlds, to communicate and to generate emotions.

For the media equipment of the restaurant area of the Hotel EAST in Hamburg, the focus was on transforming the restaurant into different worlds, in addition to the design of some new furniture.


Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#10
Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#11

Hassler Made GmbH developed a mapping concept that allowed the almost 8m high restaurant area to transform into the most diverse graphic, atmospheric and motivic worlds.

By using various film techniques in the process of content creation, projections integrate into the actual space to achieve a high degree of mood management quality.

Hassler Made – Hotel East Hamburg#12
Hassler Made – Ball des Sports#2


As opposed to architecture, events are all about the moment. All conceptual, design, technical and communicative planning is focused on the predefined moment so that they come together minuteously on day X and unfold their full potential.

Time and again, a passionate team of specialists has to be put together, the concept and design components selected and coordinated so that they optimally charge the communication idea of the event, make the room design shine and turn the event into an unforgettable experience.

Hassler Made – Ball des Sports#3
Hassler Made – Ball des Sports#4

Ball des Sports

With the “Ball des Sports”, Hassler Made GmbH took over a renowned gala event in 2015, and reinvented it to become the most successful European sports charity gala, in cooperation with the German Sports Aid Foundation („Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe“).

Every year at the “Ball des Sports”, the most successful German athletes present their sports in a spectacular setting and celebrate side by side with top-class guests from politics, business, media and sport, a highly emotional ball night of extraordinary achievements.


Hassler Made – Ball des Sports#6
Hassler Made – Ball des Sports#7

In addition to the conceptual requirements of this unique event, technical know-how and design creativity are needed to bring a wide variety of sports to life for the gala guests.

With the ball concept “A winner’s podium for all”, the “Ball des Sports” has developed into a desirable platform for partners and sponsors.

Hassler Made – Ball des Sports#9

media and set design

Hassler Made GmbH has developed fascinating and unique spaces for countless TV productions and award shows.

The experience gained in designing spaces that inspire both guests on site and viewers at home forms an important basis for the successful project development of the „Multi Channel Space“ created by Hassler Made GmbH.

Hassler Made – Award Shows#2

Award Shows

For decades, Hassler Made GmbH has created set designs for the most renowned German TV award shows such as:

„Goldene Kamera“
„Deutscher Filmpreis“
„Deutscher Fernsehpreis“

Hassler Made – Award Shows#4
Hassler Made – Award Shows#7
Hassler Made – Award Shows#7

The “Echo” music award shows in particular set an example of a highly versatile space in terms of design and emotion, achieved by a conceptual combination and implementation of stylistic means of staging including light, media and space.


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